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Staircase Installation

stair case runners by Creative Flooring Indianapolis Indiana

We can assist you in all phases of your custom staircase project. Our expert will take measurements, create a template, finish the stair runners, and install at your space, and you won’t be disappointed with the result.

Similar to our other services, you will provide the carpet, and any other design or finishing request, and we will create a customized runner that will fit your stairs perfectly. Our custom staircase runner installation is not limited to difficulty. We can install on curved stairs, progressive widths, and unique landings. Whether your stairs are curved, straight, or complicated, your runner will be made and installed to fit.

Have your own installer? We can manufacture your runners from supplied carpet for you to have installed on your own. Staircase Installation is not only for residential customers, but also for commercial locations too! Whatever the space, size, or difficulty, we can do it.




Custom stair runners Indianapolis

Staircase runners are design flexible and can be combined with any other service that we offer. Your company logo could be embedded at the bottom of the stairs, or you could have a design inlaid throughout. Runners can have any finishing type the carpet will allow, from the standard binding and serging to genuine leather or fabric. Attached backing and pad is also available for your staircase runners.

Not sure what would work? Our rug shop will consult with you to ensure that you get exactly what you are wanting for your space. Cost for staircase installation jobs and customized design on runners are job based. To receive a quote, please contact the rug shop with a description of your design or stair project and we will be in touch with you.

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