Creative Flooring has been the subcontractor for specialty concrete work for hundreds of commercial and industrial facilities.

Your floors are the foundation of your space. No matter the type of commercial space you have, the ground on which you walk on is important. The type of flooring you have can be an important component to the functionality of your space. When opening a new restaurant, you need durable, textured floors to prevent staff from slipping in the kitchen on a busy Saturday night.

Epoxy coating with added texture flakes will give your staff the confidence they need to move about the kitchen without the concern of falling. A gas station needs durable floors that can hold up to hundreds of customers coming in and out each day. Concrete polishing can ensure floors will withstand heavy traffic while also being low-maintenance.

Along with functionality, flooring also contributes to the overall design of commercial environments. The right flooring can help you achieve the type of environment you desire to create. Concrete polishing seals the floor allowing it to reflect light and brighten darker spaces. Choosing a soft concrete stain color can add warmth to a drab reception area. The way your customers, staff, and vendors feel when they walk into your space is important. Creative Flooring’s commercial flooring services can help you create the right environment.

Our team has over 25 years of experience assisting customers with choosing the flooring options that fit their needs. Our concrete coatings, polishing, and staining options allow you to customize your floors to ensure you create the exact space you need. We’re ready to give you high-quality flooring to set your space apart, so give us a call today!

Creative Flooring is your choice for commercial and industrial flooring needs!

We understand you have got a lot going on with your project. That is why you can depend on us to:

  • Be a team player
  • Easily schedule with other subcontractors
  • Provide flexible scheduling
  • Work quickly
  • Provide an experienced crew