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Rug Binding & Serging

rug binder

If you have an unfinished carpet roll, remains from another project, or simply want a rug resized, finishing is what you are looking for. Rug and carpet finishing ensures a long lasting, custom look. Creative Flooring offers a wide variety of carpet edging to finish your piece to make it fit your design taste and space needs. No matter what type of finish is best for you, our experts will help you get the best result. Since all carpets are different, certain finishes may not be the best option, or may require an added step to get the desired look. Our rug shop staff will always consult with you if this is relevant to your carpet or rug. Please don’t hesitate to contact our shop with any questions you might have about your rug repair or carpet finishing options.

Finishing Options:

carpet binding by Creative Flooring Indianapolis Indiana

Standard 7/8” binding: The most common and popular request in finishing for edges of carpet. Binding uses a strong 7/8” wide binding tape, folded and stitched around the borders of your piece. With nearly 150 colors in stock, and more available upon ordering, you can choose the perfect binding tape color to match and coordinate with your carpet. Binding is discreet and won’t add or take away any look, width, or sizing from your piece.

Serging: Another popular edging finish, but has a more ornamental look. Serging uses cotton yarn, looped around the edge of the rug, creating a thicker border, and a more decorative look. We have over 50 colors in stock of serging yarn, and even more available upon request, so you are guaranteed to choose the perfect match to your piece. Serging does not take away or add any size to the rug.

Premium Finishing Options:

fringe carpet treatment by Creative Flooring Indianapolis Indiana

Canvas and Linen: Canvas and Linen binding are both finishes that add a framed border to your rug or carpet. Canvas is typically seen on sisal rugs, but is versatile enough for most carpet selections. Linen has a similar look to canvas, but is slightly thicker. Canvas and Linen both have a border thickness of up to 2” or 3”, depending on your choosing. Depending on your carpet type, thickness, and your choice in binding material, canvas may increase the size of your rug slightly.

Fringe: Your favorite trend can be added to one side, two sides, or the entirety of your carpet. You can customize your rug by choosing from several color options we have in stock or can order, length of the fringe, and either a knotted or lose style. You can also pair fringe with binding or serging.

Fabric: Have an upholstery fabric and a carpet piece that would go perfectly together? We can take your fabric and use it to create a framed border around your rug. For this service, you would provide both the carpet and the fabric, and work closely with the rug shop to create a custom look that matches your vision. Please note, not all fabrics will work with carpets and rugs. Durable, upholstery fabric is needed. If you are not sure if the fabric you have will suffice, our rug shop staff will be able to help.

Leather: Another designer finish, leather is a framed border edging, made out of genuine leather we order. Have a leather that you love already? Our rug shop will be able to tell you if it will work for your piece. We have over 18 available leather colors for both a smooth and a textured finished. Leather finish can be ordered from 1” to 3” in total width to match your preference in border width.

For a price on carpet binding, serging, or any other premium edge finishes, please contact our shop with a description of your carpet and desired service.