Creative Flooring, Inc.

Our History

Creative Flooring started in 1995 by John and Carole Rosner.

“The Rug Shop services was founded first. I started as many businesses do. I attended a training course and bought all the equipment, including a binding machine, and went around to local carpet stores and simply asked them if they needed any binding work. Then I would go to their warehouse and bind up rugs. I had a used mini van that I took all the seats out and would use to deliver. Over time we got enough business that I was able to hire and train technicians, and eventually rent space for the growing business.”

“We added the Flooring Removal services as I needed to support my growing family. I soon found out that many customers were wanting a local contractor to remove carpet, grind floors, polish and stain concrete. I wanted to be able to satisfy the needs of my customers, so I trained myself and my employees up in those skills so I could offer those services as well.”

“Throughout the years we have always tried to be in tune with the needs of the industry and our customers. We have adopted new skills and services in both the Rug Shop, and our Flooring Removal services. Even now, we are continuing to grow in concrete polishing and staining services as it grows in demand. If there is something new that we can do, we want to help with that.”

What We Do

Creative Flooring offers four distinct services: Rug Shop, Flooring Removal, Concrete Work, and White Boxing.

Rug Shop: Available to carpet stores, commercial flooring contractors, installers, commercial and industrial companies, and residential walk-ins. We do not sell carpet, but rather can finish the edges of your carpet or resize/refinish your rug. For more information about our rug shop services, click here.

Flooring Removal: Available to commercial and industrial customers only. Our crews can take up and remove old floors from your facility quickly and professionally. For more information about our flooring removal services, click here.

Concrete Work: Available to commercial and industrial customers only. We grind, seal and finish off concrete at your site. For more information about concrete polishing, staining, and epoxy services, click here.

White Boxing: Available for commercial and industrial customers only. We return your floors back close to their original state, making resale/redesign of your space more custom. For more information, click here.

Concrete Work in Indianapolis

Our Team

John and Carole Rosner


Herbey Castelan
Operations Manager


Mike Simone
General Manager

Gary Locke
Rug Shop Manager, Staircase Installation


Zach Booher
Rug Shop Technician