Rug Pads and Attached Backing

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Backing For Safety & Comfort

Dura-hold pad Rug backing by Creative Flooring Indianapolis Indiana

If you are having a carpet or rug finished, we would strongly recommend having a backing type put underneath the rug. The backside of carpets are usually thin and rough, meaning they can destroy your floors very quickly, and also don’t provide much cushion. Backing and Pad helps give a safe backside to your carpet so that your floors go undamaged, and you also have more comfort when you stand on your rug. Pad and Backing also helps your rug stay gripped to the ground, making it so it doesn’t slide around when walked on.

What’s the difference between pad and backing? Backing is a cut to size, sewn attachment to the backside of your rug. It is typically used on smaller rugs that are in high traffic areas of your space. We offer three types of backing, each with their own benefits. Rug pads are also cut to size, but are not attached to the rug. Pads are useful for larger area rugs to add extra cushion, and to keep the rug from moving. We offer four types of pad, each with their own benefits. Which is right for you? Our rug shop will be able to help direct you to the right selection to fit your needs.

Attached Backing

recycled rug backing by Creative Flooring Indianapolis Indiana

Economical Felt Backing: This attached, cut-to-size backing has a soft felt bottom that gently sits on wood and carpeted floors, giving them protection from the rough carpet back. This backing type is ideal for room sized area rugs that don’t move a lot.

Non-Skid Rubber Backing: This attached, cut-to-size backing has a rubber bottom that grips your floor, keeping your rug from moving around, while also protecting the floors from scratches. This backing type is ideal for entry rugs, hallway runners, and any high traffic area where you don’t want your rug to move around.

Monks Cloth Backing: This attached, cut-to-size backing is our premium soft cloth backing. This is used for custom designed, high end rugs.

We can replace backing on cleaned rugs only.

Rug Pads

Dura-Hold Non-Slip Pad: This is a cut-to-size, 5/8” thick rubber pad designed to grip your rug and floor surface, making it so your rug doesn’t slip, fold over, or move around. Dura-Hold Pad will protect all floor types, and will add some cushion to your rug, making it more comfortable to walk on.

Recycled Rubber Pad: This is a cut-to-size, 3/16” thick rubber pad made of recycled materials, this lower profile, environmental friendly pad is ideal for most all rugs and runners. It too will give you the benefits of protecting your floors, and of keeping the rugs and runners in place for safety and appearance.

Pet Guard Rug Pad: This is a cut-to-size 7/16” thick cushioned pad combined with a moisture barrier that will help protect your floors from moisture, mold and mildew. The moisture barrier along the top of the pad keeps spills and accidents at the surface for up to 24 hours, making cleanup easier and keeping your floors lasting longer.

Synthetic Pad: This is a cut-to-size ¼” thick pad which is ideal for large room-size area rugs. This pad will protect all floor types from carpet scratches and tears, and will provide additional cushion without creating a tripping hazard.

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