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Custom area rug

Creative Flooring offers a wide variety of services tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether it’s a rug repair, resizing or reshaping, carving, logo, pattern, design, our staff will work with you to bring your vision to reality.

Resize and Reshape: Making your rug into a specific shape or size is no problem for our staff. We can make rugs smaller, or size them to your specific measurements, the possibilities are endless. We can even create and install on site for intricate designs and spaces if needed.

Rug Repair: Our rug shop can fix most damages to rugs and carpets. To see if we can fix your rug, contact the rug shop with an image of the damaged area.

Seaming: Combining pieces of carpet or rugs to make them into one whole piece. This is done on the backside of the rug so you won’t see creases. We can also pattern match depending on the rug.

Carving: This is if you want your rug to have some physical variety in its dimensions. We can carve out sections, patterns, or a design into your rug. Often done at a slanted angle, carving will create high and low points, accentuating details in the rug.

Beveling: This is when the edges of the rug are shaved or cut down so the rug is able to be finished. This only will apply to some rugs, and is also dependent on the type of edging finish that is requested.

Custom Area Rugs, Logo Rugs, Mats

Custom logo rugs Indianapolis IndianaWhether it’s original design work or a pattern from existing drawings, we can help you get that original look for your space. Custom rug work begins with our experienced craftsman inspecting your carpet before the work begins. From basic rug binding to custom logos and inlays, we can hand carve to accentuate every detail. Finish off your project with the edging of your choice, and attach backing or pad to protect your rug and floors for years to come.

Area Rugs: There is a vast variety of things that we can do to make your rug truly unique. We can work with any size, any shape, and almost any texture of carpet. Our craftsmen can combine however many carpet colors and types you provide, into any design, simple or intricate, by embedding pieces of another carpet into the main carpet material. This can then be combined with any other types of services we offer to create a customized rug that is one of a kind. To receive a quote on a customized area rug, please contact us with a description of your desired result.

Logo Rugs and Mats: Create a customized rug or mat with your logo on it! For rugs, supply the carpet and the design that you want, and our craftsmen will work to give you a perfected rug that you can show off in the workplace. For a logo mat, please submit a design, and then we will send you a preview of what the mat will look like for you to review. To receive a quote on a customized logo rug or mat, please contact us with a description of your desired result.

We can assist you with your custom rug project from start to finish or help execute your own design. We will help you through the process and insure that you get the rug you want with the highest quality standards. Our craftsmen will help you choose the right materials, finishes, and backing treatments to exactly fit your application.

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