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Professional Carpet Binding

Carpet serging yarns wide array of colors

Cotton Serging Yarn

Carpet binding and proper binding of your rugs assists in lengthening the lifespan as well as creates a more appealing carpet or rug.  Adding other treatments such as leather, canvas or fabric borders offers a decorative option to carpet and rug binding. No matter what type of carpet edging is best for your situation (serging, leather, fabric, fringe etc.) we can help you get the best end result for your space.


Binding Machine and Wide Range of Colors Available


Binding material options:

  • Standard 7/8” Binding – basic edging option for carpet protection and appearance improvement; high durability.
  • Serging – recommended for ornate or expensive rugs and carpets; results in a thicker binding, which creates an appealing appearance.
  • Canvas – durable and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Leather – wider binding material that creates a rich, attractive appearance; looks great on stair runners.
  • Linen – similar to the leather binding; more attractive option than simple binding.
carpet edging and binding for Indianapolis Indiana

Serged Edging














Serged Edging on Patterned Border










Leather rug edging

Leather Edging